Iran Land & Sea company was established by the initial founders in 1992 under registration no of 102480 and after joining of Mr. Omid Malek as managing director in 1994 the permission of acting as shipping agency was awarded by Port & Maritime Organization ( PMO ). Since then the company is an active agency in south Iranian ports. The company is a member of Iran Chamber of Commerce from 2002 with ID no of 10101464240 & obtained it’s permission to act in the field of International Transport in 2002 to perform combined B/L or through B/L & acted successfully in this field as well whereas hundreds of active companies in this field were convicted of wrong doing by customs & other officials during the past 10 years.

In early 2004 the agency of Wan Hai Lines were awarded to this company & it’s market share increased to 3.5% of  BND market in the blooming year before the global down turn as the carrier was amongst the pioneer who deployed 3 x 6000 + TEU vessels in their F.E to M.E sector in a joint venture with K Line ( 2 vessels ) & PIL ( 1 vessel ) in early 2009.

Towards performing part of social responsibilities of this company writer participated in social activities such as Shipping Association of Iran ( presently it’s the 3rd time am elected as board member ), planting the trees since 2005 ( according to our tradition we have a day for planting trees which March the 6th each year ), participating in environmental activities to protect the wild life such as Turtles, Eagles & other endanger species , cleaning the coast of BND area & many more & order to more effectively act in such activities we have registered an NGO in the name of ( … ) recently.

Order to perform our duty towards the nation in such a hard time after the most serious sanction came to effect in last July, we purchased a few tens of containers & leased few hundred to cater the cargo between J.Ali & BND & v.v. as noted a lot of cargo has to be cross stuffed from liners’ equipment into local or NVOCC containers in J.Ali. we did it successfully & we learnt a lot of what is the anxiety of the Principal when we acting as an agent.